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Ordered stuff from them.

I got it all nice, and on time. Was shipped duty as a $11 Used Helmet (even though AK47 grips and tactical stuff don't look even remotely like a helmet)

Aaaand. Quality is absolute shit. I ordered a set of RIS pannel AK grips and a set of tactical add-ons for the AK (mag catch, SOPMOD Bolt and selector lever) and all of it which is supposed to work with TM AK, doesn't even remotely fit.

RIS has to be cut up and sanded down so it'll fit, pistol grip needs to have a hole countersunk into it so it'll work, bolt is a welded piece of metal that doesn't fit into the existing bolt trunnion, magcatch doesn't fit magazines properly, and the selector switch is welded together and sticks too far out from the gun. And of course, all of the metal bits came covered either in grime or came pre-rusted.

I aint gonna order any more accessories for guns from them until I know 100% that they're remotely decent.
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