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Originally Posted by PaCHeKo! View Post
Shipping is free so order items one by one..
You still risk being shipped the wrong item.

Ordered a vertical grip and ended up with a flashlight.

BUT, if you catch them with some items out of stock, and some in stock, then that could be good. For instance, I ordered an ACOG knockoff, no tademarks, only on/off, (no brightness/elevation/wind settings,) and it was 50$. Turned out to be out of stock. I opened up a full trades, trijicon ACOG red dot scope, and it had all of the brightness/elevation/wind adjustments. I guess it was the only ACOG in stock, and it was 69$. They did not charge me extra. Also, i ordered a plastic mid cap and ended up with an HK 416 metal one.

/shrugs, just kinda ruined it though with the missing hand guard....
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