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Customs are assholes

Well, today I received a bunch of MP5 mags and mag clamps that I had ordered from an American user here in the ASC classifieds. As I expected, the package had been sitting in Customs for the last week or so. This is usually not that big a deal.

However, not only did they open the package, they also took it upon themselves to completely dismantle all 4 of the magazines. Then, they nicely suffed everything back in the package, making no attempt to reassemble them. In the process, they bent the shit out of the guide springs, and lost one of the pins that holds the top on one of the magazines.

Now, I've ordered a lot of shit from abroad in the last 8 years or so, and had a lot of items be inspected by customs. But this is the first time I've had the items disassembled completely. Of if they had been before, they'd always reassembled them and I never knew they were taken apart.

So yeah, I'm pissed. Luckily I was able to reassemble the mags and straighten out the springs enough so that they feed well. And I managed to use a finishing nail to make a new pin to hold the one mag together, so in the end, all my mags work and are complete.

But really, is this necessary? If they had some doubt about the magazines, they could certainly have opened one up, and seeing it was identical to all others, they could have left it at that. But no, these morons had to go all the way and take them all apart and not even bother trying to reassemble them, as well as losing a part.

So yeah, I'm just venting here. It's been a bad day in terms of packages received (this one, plus another that wasn't the item I ordered). Thought I would say my piece with my first really negative experience with Customs.
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