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Well I waited well over a month, and recieved my package today. The MP5 Navy with rails. Opened up the packaging, and looked in. First thing I noticed was the orange tip was not placed onto the flash hider.. But there was the gun itself, full metal as said. Great. Looked around the box and it was assembled like it was a used gun. The magazine was scratched up where you can see in the pics.

Also, the magazine was not loose and still in place where the foam is. Alright, as they said they needed to test the guns out before shipping. But why didn't they take care of the gun? And still leave bb's left in the magazine too? Well I placed the magazine into the reciever and it was really loosy. Maybe that's JG from China's problem. Anyways other than that, the manual and instructions wasn't there, along with the tools as said.
My rating is a 6.5/10 stars. Well I got the package as said with mostly everything in the box. And the wait for over a month, when Quebec is only 3 hours away is what makes me thinking..
Thanks anyways Shootsoft.

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