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Originally Posted by Ibby View Post
Yes it seems guns are more available lately than they have been for a few years. But there's still the issue I brought up before of availability of certain guns. Still waiting on a Piper M134. And pretty much any "limited edition" model, as well as newer items coming out we'll never see unless it's in the classifieds months or even years later. When we get access to stuff coming off the assembly line, then I'll be happy.
Well yes, it still is not a collector's market... I'll give you that. But for entry level... AKs MP5s and M4s and a good selection of GBB pistols, its all good.

It takes a while to wiggle into the community deep enough to find out how and where to get the more exotic and hard to find stuff.. but most people that want that kind of thing are willing to wait.
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