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When I see speedball gun that are much better in design and mechanics then real looking guns.
Comparing High end Electro pneumatic paintball guns with AEG's is like comparing apples and oranges.

The only Airsoft line of AEG's that even come close in price, range and quality say to ego's,angels and proto matrix's are PTW's. Even then they do not have the same features a tricked out electro would.

I sometime laugh when I hear about 3 fire modes on AEG's my angel has over 12! All metal parts? Most high end paintball markers are all CNC machined from Aerospace aircraft grade Aluminum. Have fully interactive LCD control panels not to mention many other things that make it everything a AEG is not.

Simply put, I've played paintball for over 9 years grown up with the age of semi to the now age of 15 bps max in the speedball arena. If you find yourself leaning towards paintball guns maybe you should play PB?

Personally, with 2 angels in my inventory and 9 years of playing PB, times and the sport have changed. I enjoy it yet find myself looking to airsoft for what paintball used to offer,

A brotherhood of people, willing and happy to help one another out just based on the common desire to play and grow the sport of airsoft.

I feel paintball has gotten to big and mainstream for that now days, I can't remember the last tournament I played that was not 150% competitive, people all want to be Chris Lasoya these days......

My 15 bitz

P.S: As for clearsoft I have no opinion worth posting........ it's that obvious...

But I would like to bring up another point, clearsoft with it's cheap prices and crap quality can't even keep up with paintball.... bellow I will show you what both sports offer for entry level markers at around the same price range....

The airsoft industry as a whole needs to be more competitive with it's prices and products. For the love of god!

Aftermath Kraken AK-47 Airsoft Rifle: $140-160

Average gun recommended to most new airsoft players in the Budget zone.

- 370 fps
- Semi, Full Auto
- Steel barrel,body, frame and steel gearbox
- Adjustable Hop-Up system

Smart Parts Ion: $160-190
Average gun recommended to most new paintball players in the Budget zone.

- 17 balls per second semi-auto rate, 3 shot burst, 10 bps full auto, Rebound
firing mode.
-Break-beam Vision Anti-Chop System Reliable and durable, the eyes are mounted on a separate board for perfect alignment and not affected by paint or body color. Just clean and replace (in minutes).
-A Featherweight Prizefighter At 2.2 pounds (In paintball this is a plus)
- Reliability The Ion was engineered to stand up to the demands of professional players. It will outlast what used to be considered high-end and won't break down the minute you get it home.
-Ball Detents Approximately 10 times the service life of current detents
- Great Efficiency Expect a reliable 1000-1400 shots from a 68ci, 4500psi
- Body kits easy to find
-Tools 1/8" Allen wrench is all you need for primary disassembly

Now add in the $280.00 for a Compressed air tank $140.00 for a electro fed hopper and your ready to go! lol

None the less on a 1 to 1 basis the Ion is a better value hands down, they last for years and years and have won tournaments.....

So to finish up, paintball is like airsoft in the sense of this same piece of advice passed on now for over 25+ years:

"If you do not have the money to invest in these kinds of sports stick to video games. It will just irritate you playing vs comp level markers.

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