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To me, these low prices we're seeing with these small dealers just seems to prove the big guys were just greedy fucks taking advantage of the shortage of guns to jack their prices by ridiculous amounts on a regular basis. I never bought that "but the license is expensive" bullshit then, and even less now. If a license is $2000 / year, at the prices the big guys sell them for, they'd have to sell about 10 guns to recover that cost. With the rabid demand for guns in Canada, that would take 1 day at most.
You have to also consider that the big retailers also had a lot more overhead to pay for, which translated to there higher prices. They had to pay for their website, I believe most had big warehouses they had to pay for. Most of the small guys on here post there stuff for free and i'm sure probably sell out of there house. I'm not saying all small retailers on here do that as I don't know all of them personally. Just my 2 cents.
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