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Originally Posted by caboose36 View Post
I guess some people call it differnt names, both work. On my TM M4 Plastic body it has the rail which is metal. There is a screw that keeps the rail on the receiver, which is screwed into a nut or the big hunk of metal which is the whole treaded piece for the barrel nut, on the front end of the gun. Now, The threaded piece slides inside of the upper receiver, and gets held there by two screws that are located in the area that are circled in red. Now, on the top part of that there should be a little female threaded area, thats what the screw screws into to hold the rail on the receiver.

If that doesnt make sence, I guess you would have to take off the rail too see what I mean. Heres a Link : You can't see the screws in the pic but there in that area. Im not trying to sound like a smart @ss, but just trying to explane.

Hope That clears things up!




I wouldn't know, cause you know, I've bought a TM M4 two years ago and disassembled the eff of it, upgraded the internals myself. Then put a metal body, RAS, Crane stock. Ya, I would have never guessed, , thanks for explaining all those wonderful painfully obvious facts to me.. I appreciate it.

By the way, it's spelled "explain", not "explane".

Don't worry, you were never a smartass in my mind.
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