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Echo 1 m16a4

I got this gun for 230 off my buddy, I don't like the m16 because of its length but I'm not going to refuse 230. It is my first aeg so I don't know how it compares to others .

-Velocity is supposed to be around 360 f/s but does not Peirce the bottom of a soda can
-The battery is a 8.4 volt 1500 mAh large type Ni-Cad battery
-It comes very close to 3 feet long (which could be a bonus for some people)
-close to 7 pounds
-good ole' 350 round mis-feeding hi cap
-metal bushings and spring guide
-full metal ris
-bulky plastic stock with metal but plate
-version two mechbox
-brass 6.08 inner barrel
-bright orange tip (if from the states)

the sights on this gun are similar to the other colt rifles (Garand, m14, M4) three point front sight, and a adjustable peep on the rear sight. There is a minor problem on the rear sight, it seems to be spring loaded and will move if forced even a little bit, this won't matter if you use the tracer technique.

I didn't even get the whole gun it the picture its so long

Break down of the gun, CAMMANDO logo?

Hop up exposed by charging handle

accuracy on this gun was not to impress but is well off and is practical for hitting a man sized target upwards of a 150 feet.

The fore grip is solid, but like all Armalites it will become loose and have to be tightened by the three allan bolts under the fore-grip, which I am told strip easily. The wobble on my gun doesn't seem to be produced by the outer barrel vice or clamp (don't know whats its called), but the piece behind it that is most visible, which doesn't seem very firmly mounted to the gun. <-- I need help with that

Overall I like the feel and the look of this gun, it has a very convincing low pitched AEG sound. What bothers me is the one piecer, and the length a bit. The selector switch has a very positive click when changing fire modes The mag fits the the mag-well firmly and locks into place easily. The mag release is in a nice place I find. In my opinion, the m16 is a classic good-looking rifle.
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