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When shootsoft first appeared, their prices were better compared to A&A. Then there was a increase of $25 on most AEGs, and the shipping went to a flat rate of $40, which pushed up the price enough (at least on pistols and SMGs) to not make it such an attractive deal as the original prices did.

They're still cheaper than what A&A were charging for the same products, at least in terms of the lower end stuff like JG. When it came to full-size AEGs and big guns like M249s, where $40 shipping was about on par or a bit cheaper with A&A for the same item. But for small guns like SMGs and especially pistols, that put the price up there to within $20 of the cost of the same gun from A&A. They're still cheaper, but not by a whole lot. Still, it's a supply of guns and shootsoft have built a decent reputation in their short time in business. I'm glad to have them around, even though I haven't made a purchase from them yet.

But yes, the classifieds is what I think Brian and the rest of us were referring to. We're seeing a lot of lower end guns at really good prices, unlike the inflated price A&A and 007 have / had them listed at, and seeing some nice TM and other brand name guns coming in at much better prices than either A&A or 007. Granted, we don't have the same wide selection as with the retailers, but at least there are still guns that are readily available for decent prices.
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