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To me, these low prices we're seeing with these small dealers just seems to prove the big guys were just greedy fucks taking advantage of the shortage of guns to jack their prices by ridiculous amounts on a regular basis. I never bought that "but the license is expensive" bullshit then, and even less now. If a license is $2000 / year, at the prices the big guys sell them for, they'd have to sell about 10 guns to recover that cost. With the rabid demand for guns in Canada, that would take 1 day at most.

If the small guys can import veyr limited quantities of guns and sell them for about 30% less than the big guys and still turn a profit, then it just shows that the big guys who had large orders (therefore lower per-unit cost) were just gouging us for everything they could. The prices we see on Redwolf, UNC, etc that we would KILL to pay for guns, these guys gor for even less. I don't care how much people want to suck the retailers' asses and defend them and their regular price hikes. They were gouging us plain and simple.

As for quality guns, shootsoft has CA and TM now. In the past few weeks, there have been plenty of new TM & WA guns posted in the classifieds by these small dealers. And really, JG isn't as far removed from TM in terms of quality than many people make them out to be. And at the price they sell for compared to TM (even compared to JG that A&A used to sell), they're a really good bargain.

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