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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Anyone noticed how there seems to be more guns available at better prices than ever now?

since the collapse of the retail market.. seems like quite a number of independant small volume sellers have stepped up.

I love a free market... but my cash flow hates it....

Happy buying everyone!!
yep but IMHO i really would like them importing quality stuff again KSC, TM, CA, WA to up the quality of the market not some WELL stuff ( no offense to anyone here, since i realized this is what the current market wants). You can diversify the market with high end and low end stuff but please dont just bring in low to mid end guns. JGs are ok though...The good thing is you can preorder guns you dont see listed for sale (just be careful...don't want to end up like some preorders at the AEG section...).
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