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I buy a Dboys German Kar 98K rifle just before shootsoft became viewable only by age verified user.
There has been some problem with the post office and almost one month later my gun wasn't arrived yet.
So i send a email to know what happened to my order.
He respond to me almost instantly.
He refund my entire order and told me that for the trouble i can have for the same price a full wood and steel rifle when he recieved them (my first order was for the plastic and steel version only).
The day he got the rifle i sent him the payment and the same day he shipped my order by Xpresspost.
2 days later my gun was in my hand and its a real beauty
Just want to say that shootsoft has one of the best customer service for an internet seller that i had since i order things by internet.
I will try to post a little review of the gun soon.
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