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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
That might be the least enlightening comparitive test I have ever seen.

I was going to post up something along those lines.

Anyone notice how easy it was to close the receiver on the PTW after he put in the M90?

When it's done right, you pretty much have to slam it, or force it, not gently close it. The gun had to be a kit, because the factory built ones are tough to open and close, at least, everyone I've ever seen has been that way, and all mine are that way. It makes a difference in performance if the cylinder is not tight against the hop-up. This is a known problem for kits. That's why they give you shims in the package.

Accuracy tests done kneeling are crap. Set it up on a bench with a gun rest, like it should be. Then see who does better.
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