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Originally Posted by Swatt Six-Four View Post
mags are complex? care to explain
Have you ever opened it up? Lets say, I'd rather not go through that experience EVER again.

The way the "bolt release" works on the PTW is when you've depleted the magazine, a little tab on the follower makes contact with a pivoting arm, which makes contact with another arm that moves the bolt catch out of position, killing the circuit.

If something causes your mag's follower to come out of place.. you'll have to take your mag apart... (which is 100x harder than conventional AEGs)... which is pretty crappy if you have to do it on the field....

I'd love to see a simpler system... Seriously. It's the one thing that makes me kinda want to go back to AEGs.. I miss having that one little twist off cap, that pops right out, and gives ya instant access to the spring/follower (STAR low caps)...

Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
seen this a long time ago, not big news
But, you see, alot of people haven't seen this... which is why I posted it.

lol... oh, wait! postcount = awesome points! I forgot...

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