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Originally Posted by BrickHouse View Post
So from what I got out of that video,

your paying almost 2.5k for a ptw and it's got a minor edge on the Marui for grouping.

Good to know, I won't be buying a PTW after seeing that..... simply not worth it when compared to the cost of a Marui.

I paid $1650.00 for my WDP Angel PB marker it tells me the time, weather and knows my b-day, tells me how it's feeling all while capable of shooting a constant 35bps with a sexy ass LCD screen in grip!

And I assure you even compared to other ego's and angels it's something to behold, it's worth every penny!

As for bragging rights and minor better grouping!? Save your $1500.00 and stick with other brands then Systema.

My 2 bitz
interesting point. i consider angels and egos the PTW of paintball, which is why i went the way of TM (for paintball) and got a Tippmann. Now THAT is a beast of a gun
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