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I would love to have a PTW for the sake of my collection and probably will own one eventually. It would be a great gun to own and shoot for fun. But seriously, from all I've seen to date, I can't see a whole lot that they offer over a nicely upgraded AEG that would cost 1/2 the price other than the fact the bolt locks back when the mag is empty. An Armalite equipped with a Pro-Win gearbox and Hurricane metal body would be just as good, IMHO, cost less to accquire, cost less to maintain, and cost less to accessorize. I may change my mind when I actually get to try one out, and am looking forward to it, but I'm doubtful that it will change my mind.

And being a noob, I could have a PTW or a Kraken, and I will suck just as bad.
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