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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Age Verifacation is a voluntary policy adopted by the Airsoft Canada community as a means to control the flow of Airsoft Guns and prevent scammers in the Classifieds. Here in Canada, we try and restrict the ownership of airsoft guns to mature members of the community who are of at least 18 years of age. Because we have only 2 retailers, a vast majority of the airsoft guns are traded in the Classifieds section here on this forum, which you need to be age verified to access. One of our two remaining airsoft retailers has voluntarily adopted the Age Verified system and will only sell airsoft guns to age verified members of the Airsoft Canada community.
I'd like to reiterate on that. The reason for limiting the flow of airsoft guns rather than promote it is due entirely to the maturity of those interested. It would severely hurt the sport if we promoted sales to everyone and let more and more douchebags run around in public with their guns or use them unsafely. Restricting the flow of guns to the responsible players greatly reduces the number of new reports involving laws being broken with airsoft guns.

Being verified gives proof that you are of age, although the maturity is assumed in good faith. Anyone who isn't verified isn't expected to be mature or responsible until they prove it by not giving bad advice or being an overall douchebag/tool.

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