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Laws vary from country to country, obviously. For our purposes where law is concenred, most people don't need to worry about anything but Canadian law. I'm a little hazy on most other countries and airsoft, but they run the spectrum.

Some countries any device that fires any projectile is illegal (Singapore if memory serves me), other countries (notably Germany and Australia) are semi-auto only, regardless of the gun. The U.S. is only concerned with orange tip and no trademark infringement, so many guns have the trademarks removed or made without any to begin with.

Some countires have only velocity limits, (1 joule or 328 fps with 0.20g) like the U.K. and Japan, while other countries have virtually no regulation to airsoft, like Denmark for example. There, guys play with 700 fps.

Usually, countries that have strict firearms laws have strict controls over airsoft guns, except Canada. Here most would be considered replicas, which are prohibited. Unless they are dangerous or lethal, then they are virtually unregulated and perfectly legal.

In Canada, if it's harmless, it's prohibited.
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