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I spent $266 USD on a PANTAC CIRAS Land version in OD. They ended up sending me the maritime version. From what I could tell, the vest was just tagged wrong. Someone mistakenly put a Land version tag on a Maritime vest. I e-mailed them and within 24 hours (because of the Easter time period) we agreed to ship the vest back to WGC and send me the correct vest. My stance with them is sort of neutral. Not negative, nor positive, just in between. They also told me that whatever it cost to ship the vest back to WGC will be given back to me in a store credit. I just had to send a receipt for the shipping bill and as soon as it gets to them they'll send me the new one and inform me of how much I get in store credit.

Not a bad transaction, but not a good one either.

I give them credit for customer satisfaction. They could have just said "we're sorry, but you're stuck with what you have" and ended the communication but they didn't and that's why I don't slander them. I'm pretty sure it was just a freak accident that happens very seldom. The only draw back is that I have to wait an extra couple of days to get my vest back.
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