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A&A Problem

Hi everyone. As the title says I am having problems with A&A. Back in January I order some items from Mark. Two pistols and metal upgrades for my mp5 and one of those propane adapters. I have a little over $1000 invested in these items.
In Febuary he told me that my order had made it to customs which was good. The last email I got from Mark was on the 8th of this month saying that they are still in customs. Now i can understand CBSA being slow asses, but since the 8th Ive tried to get a hold of mark via email but he does not seem to respond. He seems to be dodging my emails.
On top of that my buddy order an instock pistol in Feb as well and it was supose to get to him on the 28 of Feb and it to has yet to arrive. Mark has not responded to his emails either.
So needless to say Im starting to feel rather screwed over.
Should I start to think of maby taking legal action? Can i take legal action??
any suggestions would be welcomed.
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