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Red Dots

I ordered two Red Dot's from dragon red airsoft/Charles Huang to use for shooter on shooter training airsoft AR's at different times in the last year. It appears that they are now carrying a new version. For clarity sake, I'd prefer non-trademarked versions as these are clones. You can't find non-trademarked versions that aren't super expensive or have really poor quality so I had to settle with these units. I am happy with the product, but for my own personal reasons, I think putting the trades on the fakes is going to far.

The above said...Here are pics for comparision of the Gen 1 & Gen 2 units:
Gen 1:

Gen 2:

Overall the fit and finish of the Gen 2 units seem to be better. The Gen 2's have what I think are better electronics based on the construction of the battery compartment and caps. The Gen 2's and Gen 1's use a five position brightness adjustment but Gen 2's is significantly more stiff, which I think is a good thing as it keeps your setting from being accidently adjusted.

These units were not mounted on any kind of a firearm for testing so don't ask if they are up to the job. If you need a firearm quality optic, please spend more than $50.00 on something that is designed for a firearm.

Edit to add: I do not endorse or condone the use of this product on anything at anytime anywhere, this is mearly a post reflecting my expeince/observation of the item in question. I am in no way related to the sale, manufacture, distribution, etc of this product or any other products. Also I have no relation or agreement with Charles Huang/Dragon Red Airsoft.

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