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When i was up last summer for work, i contacted the fellow (on this site) that owns the Army Surplus store in South Mississauga / oakville area.....i never got a response from him when i asked...

Love to see the PM as I can't find it and I have stuff going back to late 2005.
But I do neglect requests to get verified over the web. I tend to not respond to requests to meet up with people at a coffee shops. I think its great that the age verifiers go out, take time outta their schedules and meet new guys to provide this service. I'm not one of them.
If your not interested enough to get on a city bus, ride out to Port Credit and get verified then neither am I.
Dude, I sell pants! Come by, you'll get age verified and you you can boo around in the shop and check out some goodies and shoot the breeze a little, may even get introduced to some other players as there are usually some lurking around.
yeah, dont go on monday like me, doh
Pm or call and make sure I'm here. Tell me when you plan to come in. I'll confirm your appt. no biggy.
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