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Originally Posted by Phatric View Post
Great thanks info guys.... !

last i checked there wasn't a kingston rep...that's great. I'll do my best to get around to that store when i can borrow my sisters car.

Ya, no....this car is cooked... ill take my $200 from the wreckers and be done with it. : )

Thanks everyone. Uhmmm, if i can ask... is it worth my while to get verified, are there enough deals / variety out there? ... or does everyone hang onto their stuff? Thought i'd ask before getting into the trouble...
Well seeing as how the only 'public' retailer in Canada right now is 007 and few can ever seem to get in touch with him, it's worth it. Age verification gets you access to, which is a great store with good prices. Mostly China clones right now, but he's adding TM and CA products as well.

Tere are the private retailers that only sell on this forum. There are some good guns for great prices. And of course, there's the used market which offers a decent selection.

So yes, it's worthwhile getting verified. My collection has grown tremendously since I got verified, and at a fraction of the price it would have cost to get it from 007 or A&A.
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