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well MBO5 short review

To start out I am from the USA so keep that in mind when reading my post.

I have been airsofting for about 3 years now and have had many different guns a few different sniper rifles and several aegs and a few gbbs as well.

I had two ICS m16 style rifles and decided to sell one of them to try out this new sniper from WELL I was not expecting much but really liked the stock design. I work at a machine shop so I assumed that I could make all the upgrade parts needed to make this thing into a real sniper rifle.

I ordered the rifle 3 extra mags a madbull tightbore and a 170% spring. All other internal upgrade parts I was going to make myself.

The rifle was backordered several times and I was told that there were not going to be any coming into the USA for a few months so I ended up ordering it from gunnersairsoft in china.
They got it shipped out really quick and I got it 4 days after I ordered it!
I was very impressed!

While I was waiting I went to town and got a few supplies (Epoxy and bondo for reinforcing the stock, camo paint, spray on undercoat to rubberize the grip and a few other items)

I got my gun two days ago and to my surprise the stock was very well made the plastic was really good and there are several metal reinforcements as well as a few weights. No need to reinforce anything this is one solid rifle! This gun feels like you are holding a real steel rifle (except the front end is lighter) I am a long range shooter so I handle real sniper rifles quite a bit so that is the reason I wanted to beef this thing up so that it weighs close to my real steel rifle (16lbs) I plan on putting a solid aluminum silencer on it to add weight to the barrel as soon as I have time to make one.

Fit and finish were very good better then I had hoped for. The gun is a little hard to get into the stock because of how the screws work but once I got it together once then it was not too hard to take it apart and put it back together again.

The internals are the same as the L96 rifles at least thatís what I am told I donít have an L96 to compare it to right now but I was told itís the same upper and all parts can be swapped!

The adjustable stock is really nice! The rubber on the butt was not on as good as I would have liked so I glued it on a little better. It was just screwed on and would pull up around the edges a little.

I took the upper apart and looked at the spring guide because I was going to make a metal one however I found out that the one in it is metal with a plastic part over it so there is no need to replace it no matter how hard of a spring you put in it.
The stock barrel looked quite good however my madbull was 2 thousands of an inch smaller so I decided to install it to get a little bit more accuracy.

I got the tight bore in it and took it to the local airsoft shop to check the FPS.
I was expecting maybe 400 at best with the stock spring but to my surprise it shot 465 with .2s I shot some .25s in it and it shot 435 I also had some of the aluminum .33s and they shot at 410 yea thatís right 410 on a stock spring with .33s I was very impressed!
This thing has a big rubber part on the end of the piston so it makes it very quiet so thatís a really good thing! I was shocked when I saw the crono speed because this thing does not sound like it would even shoot 200 fps.

The accuracy with the tightbore is really good too! The hopup works really well the design is good although you need to use a hexkey to adjust it so its not too great in the field however it stays right where you set it so thatís a plus!

So accuracy testing was really good I shot about a 2Ē group at 25 meters it might have been a bit smaller then that but it was close to 2Ē I was able to hit man size targets 95% of the time from about 50 meters. I shoot it all the way out to 100 yards (91.4 meters) I could shoot that far but not very accurately. I would guess that maybe 1 of every 7-10 shots I would be able to hit a man size target. I think after the spring upgrade this thing will be capable of man size hits at 100 yards 50% of the time!

So to end this post I would like to say that this is a real sniper rifle that can be bought for $150 USD in the USA and with the addition of a tight bore $49.00 itís a real shooter! You can defiantly outranged most aegs and the accuracy is much better.

I have not got my 170% spring yet but I will let you know how that works out. I will also let you know if any other internal parts need to be replaced to hold up to the 170% spring.

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