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Airsoft Society

Just got an email, I don't want anything to do with this because I'm not really a good choice to talk on behalf of ASC so, yeah, anyone who's interested.

Email -

I am writing to you today to inquire about a link exchange between our two websites.

My name is Dean and I have started an International Airsoft forum community with the help of my airsoft group members.

We searched for only the best airsoft and Milsim websites and found your e-mail listed. If your not the Webmaster I apologize.

If you are interested in exchanging links please e-mail me back. I just need to know the description you want me to use for your website.

This is the description we would like for you use: - International Airsoft community discussion forum. Everything under the sun Airsoft from Guns to Milsim discussion plus Gallery, Reviews, Blogs and Links.

Please feel welcomed to join in the discussions as well and let others know.


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