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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
And the bio BB fired was either of shitty quality or had been sitting around exposed to air for longer than it should have. Good chance it wasn't a Walmart bio BB, but was a bio BB non-the-less.
And thats my point - because they break down faster (way faster) if improperly stored or accidently exposed to moisture, they are compromised and the player has no way of knowing. Additionally, those may have been fresh BBs - keep in mind that game we were practically swimming by midday with the downpour - the humidity level alone could have been responsible for premature loss of integrity. And therein lies the problem right there with biobbs.

Since we can't guarantee it, we simply don't allow them to be used up at WP field. Bowmanville made a similar decision that day on the spot and other fields have followed suit - so its not just up to the player, the field will also have rules around this.
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