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The goggles in question sealed all around except where the nose meets the cheek, and lots of goggles have a small gap there depending on the person's face. The goggles in question also seal way better than most paintball goggles, simply because PB goggles tend to be made to allow people to use glasses underneath. I've tried quite a few paintball goggles before and found most to be having gaps on both sides of my nose, due to the bridge height. Benefit of the goggles worn when the BB hit it, they are curved on all planes, not just horizontally like PB goggles, increasing their strength well past what PB goggles are rated to, and seal all the way around (except for said half BB sized gap beside his nose. And Ibby, the goggles he was wearing that day have no frame, only lenses with foam around the edges, and arms with elastic strap around the head. I know what goggles he wore becuase I was the one who found them, tested them, and own a couple pairs.)

And, I think it's been discussed to death that chances are very high the bio BB that hit the edge of the goggles blew to dust becuase it was mostly likely 'past it's expiry date'. The player didn't have shards enter his goggles, he had dust enter his goggles, and had a watery eye, but what annoyed him most was the dust and shards that hit the side of his nose.

Nutshell, the goggles are still perfect and better than a lot of what's out there (more so for the price, since they are designed to protect the eyes against flying rocks kicked up by high performance ATVs). And the bio BB fired was either of shitty quality or had been sitting around exposed to air for longer than it should have. Good chance it wasn't a Walmart bio BB, but was a bio BB non-the-less.

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