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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
You can disagree all you want Ibby - fact is there were over 50 witnesses to the incident. Its a matter of fact and public record.
Yes I know, I was there. Also, had the goggles in question sealed properly that would never have happened. They're not bad goggles, the space between the lense and goggle frame was about the same as Bolle T800's. Still, I've never liked the gap being there, for this very reason.
I stick by the Bioval BB's as well. Best BB I've ever used. And like I said, I have seen standard BB's crack plenty of times, including Bastards. I use Bastards pretty much exclusively these days, and lots of times I've found cracked BB's in the trap after chronying at home. All the higher end BB's I've ever used have had similar results. As you go down in quality, the same results are more frequent. I won't even touch the Walmart ones however.
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