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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Not shipped. Once I have a ass bastard in Sask, thats another matter (75% of my customers don't pay shipping because they buy from a Bastard at a field at a game or at a regional store). But I sincerely doubt what you're buying is equivalent to what I sell, but each to his own, I'm not critical of those who decide to run other brands, my value pitch is not a pure price one and I don't cater to the lowest price buyer either. I keep my prices high enough to cover costs, stay in business and deliver a good product. Beyond that buying offshore, with offshore buying YMMV. All I know is I import BBs and I pay a shitload of customs duties and taxes on what I bring in. In small quantities through int'l shipping you may be getting under their radar, but those same rules apply to you as to me or anyone else importing, no matter what the quantity. They just haven't caught you yet.

EDIT: Yeah, followed your link. Those are Excel, KSC and something called 'ToyJet'...

'nuff said.
I'm not bashing your brand or saying they're too expensive or anything. Never tried em actually. It's just that I bought the Toy-Jet 0.28's and they seem smooth and seem to work fine, so that's what I bought 2 more bags of. Maybe someday I'll try yours.

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