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My Egyptian friend said it is like this in Egypt when you go to get paperwork done at the government office: If you slip in extra money to the person filing your paperwork it gets done faster. Not joking.

If I needed to get verified anytime soon then I'd slip in extra money to the verifier to make their time worth while and speed up the submission process. I understand the verifier is volunteer and could be doing something better with their time. Sometimes a person comes on board with a "WTH WHERE IS MY VERIFICATION? I WANT IT NOW!!" attitude which for sure will attract flaming.

Sometime I see new poster post something vague or something that is about importing or illegal and I wonder if it is some banned member just trying to get others to make a flame for amusement. What to do? Sometimes I am in a good mood sometimes bored just like any other human.

For the most part this forum has a bunch of good people and lots of great info. I don't see any worse people here than I do at work.

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