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Got kids? More to the point, spoiled, bratty kids that think they deserve everything on a silver platter? Imagine having to deal with that. Then you might see what being a mod/admin is like. And remember, this is a national forum, it covers all of Canada. I'm certain they get tons of PMs every day from people demanding an immediate response. I used to admin a very large forum, I know what it's like. I no longer do that, because frankly it sucks ass. As mentioned these people have lives which include work, holidays, doctor's appointments, school, significant others, etc. Give 'em a break.
I have been a mod on a world wide forum and I know what it can be like BUT I too had time to try and answer the deserving PM's that dealt with matters. Even a simply automated copy/paste message is better than nothing just to let people know you received their message and will deal with it in a timely matter. That alone can make a huge difference.

What gets me though is everyone (only the verified people it seems) telling the "noobs" to just get age verified as if that would solve all their problems about wanting to start in the sport, yet Ive heard from people who have said its taken MONTHS for their verifications to be accepted. Something needs to be done about this.
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