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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
It would help though if Mods/Admins would actually reply to some of the PM's sent to them rather than people just wondering if they are being ignored. I know they must get allot in a day but it certainly helps what someone was saying before about being verified.
Got kids? More to the point, spoiled, bratty kids that think they deserve everything on a silver platter? Imagine having to deal with that. Then you might see what being a mod/admin is like. And remember, this is a national forum, it covers all of Canada. I'm certain they get tons of PMs every day from people demanding an immediate response. I used to admin a very large forum, I know what it's like. I no longer do that, because frankly it sucks ass. As mentioned these people have lives which include work, holidays, doctor's appointments, school, significant others, etc. Give 'em a break.
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