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Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
The thread and posts that Thundercactus is referring to were quite disgusting. We are a community and should be assisting each other; telling people to "deal with it" in a very condescending and disrespectful way is very inappropriate. Some people on these boards really need to adjust their attitudes and realize we are all in this community together.

Being on a forum is no excuse, treat people the way you would in person.
Absolutely!! People on ASC have to realize that this forum is not only read by members (new or otherwise), but is in fact often frequented by members of legal and political groups who are interested in "keeping tabs" on us. There are those who are constantly looking for "leads" on those who are intent on blatantly breaking the law, and so forth. Other interest groups parouse the forums for various reasons, as do those who are interested in sales directed at milsim players.

And what they find......

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