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Yes, I saw that thread as well, and I agree that it's taken far too long for the member's verification process. It took me 5 weeks from the time I spoke to my rep for mine to go through. I was patient for the first 3 weeks or so, because I did take into account that the reps and admins / mods are volunteers with lives outside of ASC. At that point, I sent several (unreplied to) PMs to the rep. Then I sent PMs to a couple of the mods about it. It was finally at the beginning of the fifth week that my status was updated. Yes, it was very frustrating, and in this world of electronic communications, something like that could have been done the same day, not 5 weeks later.

So yeah, there's nothing wrong with the user being frustrated with his age-verification problem. He got reamed on by people to get age-verified, went through the process, and 3 months later is still on square 1. Whatever the cause of the problem is, it needs to be fixed. If the age verifiers aren't posting the info the way they're supposed to, then perhaps the admins should send PMs to the verifiers and inform / remind them of the correct procedure so that this issue can be resolved. As it stands, it seems that this is a pretty common problem. If everyone is just out to cover their asses rather than try to fix the problem, nothing will ever get fixed. No offense to anyone intended with this, but if a process seems to be this problematic, then there's obviously something in the chair that's awry and needs to be adjusted.

And I think that's all the guy is after in the end - that this problem gets resolved and he can be granted access. That's no reason for anyone to get rude with him for it. It's possible to express your opinion or dissatisfaction with something in an articulate manner without being a rude asshole, just as he did in his original post. There was no reason for anyone to come down on him for it.

People like to bash others, for some reason, and use every chance they get to do it on the Internet. I find it's pretty sad when we have a community where most of the members are over 18 acting like 12 year olds in the school playground. It's amazing how people will act when the fear of getting their asses kicked for being rude, ignorant fucks is removed from the equation. I'm not just referring to that thread in particular, but general behaviour around the Internet in general. Our forum seems quite tame compared to most, but still, there are a lot of unecessary, unprovoked rudeness and bashing going on.

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