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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
No duty. I've never paid any border fees from eHobby, and I've made over 10 orders from them. I paid $15 shipped for 1900 round bags of 0.28's. And the wait time is not bad, 7-10 business days every time.
You've gotten lucky.

The next batch of .28 bastards are coming in at 2000 count at $15 a bag, so its basically the same but its available locally (ie: nationally).

This summer should be good in terms of availability at the field. I've signed up a lot of ass bastards (associate bastards) so in the Ontario and Quebec regions at the very least, most places you should be able to find a bastard at the game to buy from. That saves you shipping.

I do importing in significant quantity to get it as low as I do. For a quality product you're hitting the price/shipping/manufacturing ceiling on BBs. On the flip side, with the US dollar being on par, you're not seeing much difference in price between Canada and the US on the same quality product. If you're going to buy a subpar product just shoot in the basement, you might as well buy crossman .12's. I would not recommend reusing BBs - they do deform on impact, sometimes you can't see the deformity but its enough to jam your feed path. Keep in mind the clearance tolerances we're talking about here are upwards of .02mm - any amount of deformity when you've got that tight a tolerance is going to lead to potential jams or ripping of your hopup rubber. And AEG repairs are far more expensive than BBs.
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