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Look at some forums and their all:

"Noob, faggot lol rofl GTFO noob."

Then look at other forums and everyone (on the most part) is all nice and everything (take ubuntu forums for example):

"Well IMO it's really better to get the 8800 vs the 3850 because...... but it's really your choice"

IMO ASC falls closer to the middle-"noob faggot lol" side of the spectrum. Albeit there are some pretty nice people.

ALSO is this how you would treat someone IRL? Think about it chances are most of us are going to meet other people on the forums at games, and events and such. If you're a douche on the forums what does that make the other user(s) think of you. Remember just because you can hide behind a computer screen on most forums doesn't mean that you can on this one (except for the international players from Phillipines, HK, US, and the UK) you're going to meet other people sooner or later (especially if you go to games).

Sure I'm not verified yet, I'm doing that in about 2 months (when I turn 18) but still keep in mind that peoples opinions of you and the community as a whole are based on the forums before they even meet you.

Sure you can reply sarcastically once in a while everyone does it but try not to make yourself look like a fool.
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