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Forum Etiquette

I'm posting this because I was appalled at what I saw in a recent post. This is not intended to be for anyone specific but rather the airsoft community in general.
Anytime someone asks for questions about airsoft, there are people who answer their questions politely, and that's fantastic, your excellent people. And there are those who recommend they get age verified, and there's nothing wrong with that, it's a step in the right direction for the person asking questions.
But now someone who was trying to get age verified for a long time, and is reasonably angry, posts about the slow service and immediately some people jump in to bash this person.
Now I'm guilty of filling threads with useless rhetoric and non-helpful comments as well, no doubt about that, but when someone's trying to get age verified and actually use our system the way we want it to be used, it's completely un-professional to add negative comments. Remember it's US representing airsoft in Canada, not our admins or moderators or retailers by themselves.

So please just be more aware of what your saying and how your replying, just because this is the internet it doesn't mean you'll never meet up with these people.

If you have a problem with the wording of this post please PM me and I'll get it reworded right away.
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