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REVIEW: Ops Direct Multicam Combat Trousers and Knee Pads

This is intended to be a short but detailed review of the Multicam Ops DA combat trousers and pads.

This is an independant review and the comments made in this review are based on my own personal opinions.

The Review
The trousers are made of genuine crye precision multicam material and are based on the orginal crye style of combat trousers although there are a few modifications.
The main differences are the;
- Waist ie. waist band, belt loops and waist fastener
- Waist management (crap flap) system
- Main pockets in the front of the pants
- Reinforced knees for holding the pads

I will touch more on these differences later in the review.

I obtained them from but they can also be purchased through an ebay seller known as multicamguy2.
Cost, with postage to the UK is approximately 100 - 110 pounds.

Here is a Pic of the Front;

The trousers have a comfortable padded waist band and large belt loops around the belt tht will allow the use of most belts (not blast belts though!) It is a 1.5" belt I have in them in the pictures.
There are two M4 mag pouches in the front of the trousers. I am not sure if this is a good or a bad feature. I have not used them yet and I know there are some players that say they are good and others that say they will not risk crushing their nuts. I would be interested to hear other peoples feed back on this. However, I have included a pic of the mag pouch in action with an M4 mag +mag pul.

There are two main pockets on the front behind these mag pouches. I think these may be the largest let downs about these trousers. Firstly, the pockets are accessed through a small zip on the side of the pocket and they dont really open far enough for me to get easy access with my hands. As a minimum I think these zips could benefit from pulls being installed but ideally they would be flap top pockets that would grant easier access. This is one of the two faults I could find with them.
There are also two pockets on the rear of the trousers that have an extra fold in them so that they open out to be HUGE!

There are webbing straps running down the front that help secure the magazines in the pouches but also can be used to adjust the height of the knee pads when installed.

The have reinforced 'pockets'on the knees for the fitting of the knee pads and lets face it, that is one of the main reasons you would buy these trousers and not the propper ACU style ones. Fitting the knee pads is a bugger and is made harder by a modification Ops have made that I can only assume was meant to make it easier.
At the top of the knee pocket is a velcro tab that can be partly opened to 'help' with the insertion of the pads. They are crap. They make it no easier to insert the pads and actually make it a little more difficult as they add so much more thickness to that area of the trouser that you need to work the pad under. The best way to insert the pad is to leave the velcro closed and then insert the bottom of the pad in as far as you can and then scrunch up the remaining black padded part of the pad and stuff it in all folded like. Then stick your hand inside the trouser leg and manipulate the pad back into shape. This extra velcro closure at the top of the knee pocket is my second and final main issue with these trousers.

Below the knees is the reinforced area of the bottom of the trousers that I think is waterproofed cordura and turns the bottom of the trouser into a built in waterproof gaiter. These have zips in them that allow easy access and egress when wearing boots and are a great feature in my opinion.

The last main feature that I can think of is the full length zips running from the bottom to the top of both legs. These can be unzipped from the top or bottom to give full access to the leg which would be great if you were injured. It would save them cutting you out of your 100 trousers

I think I have captured the main features of these trousers, except to say that there is no waste management system in the Ops trousers, but they seriously have so much to offer that I have probably missed some.

Picture of the Back;

The quality is superb. The stitching is all secure and loks like it will outlast my legs
There are areas of reinforced cordura around the bottom of the legs, the knee pads and the M4 mag pouches that looks like it will add alot of strength to the stressed areas of the trouser.
I think that the price paid is a fair amount for a pair of trousers but when you receive them and see the features and the quality you start to ralise it was money well spent.

Picture of the Knee Pads;


These are a great pair of tactical trousers with a lot to offer.
The hard integrated knee pads are better than anything else on offer and much better than running around and stopping all day to fix the straps on your external knee pads.

I have not really covered the pads in this review but there is not much to say other then they are a large part of what makes this trouser special and are well designed. They are great for staying in place when you are moving around.

The Pros;
-Genuine Multicam material
-Good value for money despite them being an expensive trouser
-Fantastic quality

The Cons;
-The extra velcro at the top of the knee pockets
-Not the best of access to the main pockets
-small zips on the main pockets with no zip pulls

Do I recommend them? Yes.
Would I buy them again? Yes.

Thank you for reading my review,
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