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From the perspective of someone that took several weeks to get my status updated, I can understand the frustration.

A new guy comes in and inquires about guns. He gets hammered on incessantly like he's some sub-human piece of shit to get age-verified. He does what he's told and goes through the process to meet with a rep, and then nothing. PMs are sent to the rep and admins, and nothing. It's very frustrating because those cries of "get age verified" by other forum members don't really stop until that little "Age verified" status appears under their name. I personally didn't have that problem. I lurked on the forum for a few weeks before signing up, so I knew better than to inquire about guns and such when I first signed up and wasn't verified, but still, others go through this on a daily basis.

I know that reps have lives, have other things to do, etc. But if a rep went through the motions of meeting with a member, how long does it take to log in to ASC and post that info in admin / mod sections and fire off a PM to one of the admins who has the power to update the user's age?

I don't know where the bottleneck is in the vefirication process, but I can see why users are frustrated.
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