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Originally Posted by cranberry View Post
well, i have been waiting for almost 3 months and still.. i have not been verified...... i have spoken with 4 admins and still.. NOTHING, i have sent my license, and all information required. and still.. NOTHING..
I wonder if you could please explain your process more thoroughly?

As an age verifier we DO NOT ever ask someone to "send in your license" so I'm curious as to where you are sending it?

4 admins? wow I could probably name 3 off the top of my head...k maybe 4... PLease PM me with the Admins you've contacted, I have one on my team that may be able to help.

Also please PM me with whoever you met with to be age verified, I assume you already pm'd them directly of course?

EDIT: And another reason we ask people to fill in their location in their profiles is so we can refer them to closer help. If I saw where you lived I might have been able to contact someone directly close to you to speed up any possible delay.
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