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Wow. It sure would be funny if some government official that was considering helping the sport logged on and saw some post like this. You guys sure are helping the cause. Lets see now. This is a sport that basically can only be purchased now through used products on ASC or a friend that knows a friend. So to sum it up. There is a monopoly growing within ASC and pretty soon itís going to be out of control. Seeing as how the admins have the right to choose and decide who is age verified etc. And there taking there sweet time on it. Theyíre controlling this monopoly. you guys should really watch what you say. Yes I do admit that I am being a bitch about this and I should stop whining. But. Itís kind of hard for you guys to have any right to say that to me when your all age verified. Id like to see this thread continue. Its definitely going to be a hot topic with unverified and verified users.

Sorry if I offended anyone, it was not my point to offend anyone, please speak to me in a pm and I will truly apologise if I did. Donít start bashing me on a public thread though.


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