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Originally Posted by cranberry View Post
well, i have been waiting for almost 3 months and still.. i have not been verified...... i have spoken with 4 admins and still.. NOTHING, i have sent my license, and all information required. and still.. NOTHING.. no offense, but for an organization that is trying to keep this sport to people over the age of 18 and regulate it etc... it sure is being done at an unbelievably unprofessional level..... come on guys.. pick it up.. this is starting to get ridiculous
Stop bitching.

First thing: The reps are doing this for ZERO pay. Give them some respect.

Second: If its been that long, contact the rep who you got verified with, and ask if they have submitted your information onto this website.

Third: Maybe there was a typo with your username. Verify that they have the correct info.
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