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Hi Brian. Welcome to ASC.

In my experience, you have a better chance of not having a 5 year old molested after an unsupervised weekend with Michael Jackson than you have of getting in touch with Ken. He has many, many avid supporters on this forum what praise him and worship the ground he walks on, but if you go to the reviews section and look at the 007 reviews, you'll find that the majority of people never get a reply from him. I myself tried for about 3 months with everything from emails, phone calls, faxes, etc, and to no avail.

Once you get age-verified, you'll have not only access to come great deals in the forums here, but you'll also have access to Their store has a policy that they only deal with age-verified members of this forum. You'll find a nice selection of guns for a very reasonable price compared to 007.
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