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Hmmm... barrel extender. That certainly has my interest. I'm looking at it on ebaybanned right now. I love my 416, but the more I see them with longer barrels, the more I like them. I was thinking of installing a Tm M4 barrel, but removing and transferring the sights from one barrel to the other would be a pain. This extender plus the TM inner barrel might be a better option to get the look I want.

On the velocity front: I fired off probably 250 rounds out of my 416 today. Tonight I decided to chrony it. I took 10 shots with .2s (Metaltech Stealth black BBs) and averaged 402.3 fps, with all shots being in a range of 10 fps of that average. So the spring is settling down with use and results are more consistent. I didn't get any more 'wild' readings like my previous tests. With some luck it will be down in the sub-400 range after a bit more use.

Next, I tried to chrony it with BB Bastard .25. The average of 10 shots was 386.8 fps with all shots being within 8 fps of that average velocity. Seems the difference in velocity with .2 and .25 isn't that great.

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