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How can i sell my airsoft gun?

Sorry guys i read the rules and i understand that i may doing this wrong.. I know i have to be age verified before i can sell any electric guns but i don't know if i should ask other people to help my problems. For now i am not selling anything here, i am just asking if there is any other option that i can sell my airsoft and of course to the people who is over or 18 years of age! Due to the fact that i have to pay for my student loans soon so i am willing to sell my airsoft guns to pay for my loans. Again sorry for anything that i did wrong but i really need help! The reason i ask is because i never play any airsoft game, i just bought the airsoft for display and i don't think i will play airsoft anymore, therefore i don't want just to waste the time of the regional representatives for my own benefit. After he or she spend his or her own time to get me age verified and all i want is to sell the gun. However, if this is the only way then i will follow the rules, but just want to know if i have other options. Moreover, i am more than 20 years old and i will only sell my airsoft to the people who are over or 18 years of age! Again sorry if this post is against the rules of this forum.
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