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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Cool. Is there a place that I can walk in so that I don't have to pay shipping? (located in Vancouver). BTW it's now called "Metro Vancouver" to set us apart from the other cities which use "Greater" (ex. Greater Toronto).
yes, we are located in Richmond, BC, if you want to do pick-ups.

Originally Posted by dragwindsor View Post
When I "Estimate Shipping", is the amount displayed below the shipping cost or the price of the item PLUS the shipping cost. Thanks
after clicking "continue to checkout" during step 1 of 3, you will come to step 2 of 3. On this page, your grand total along with the shipping will be displayed.

Originally Posted by Mud Gunner View Post
I have ordered from him and shipping was stupid fast, almost like he knew what I was going to order before I did.

Great communicator- two thumbs up!

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