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55 Jr
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Please help me!!

First off I guess an introduction is appropriate.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian AKA 55 Jr.

Husband of the lovely Judie, father of Tyler (who turns 18 in April....more about him later) father of Jessica.

Iím new here....but not new to internet forums.

I play guitar and own many thousands of dollars worth of Vintage guitars and amps.

I donít just collect them....they all get played regularly.

I am an operations/Maint coordinator for a large oil/chemical company and that just about covers my whole resume.

The reason I joined this forum:

My son Tyler is turning 18 in April. Graduating HS, will be attending U of A next year.

He has asked for an airsoft for his birthday. He plays regularly at his cousinís farm using a clear plastic Canadian Tire Special.

After a few net searches I found Kenís site in Calgary:

When I click on the ďIn stockĒ button:

I find:

JG G36C (100% TM Clone, comes with hicap mag and battery)

Along with:

ICS High Grade Adjustable laser and 20mm mount

I think to my self ďwhat a great gift for Tyler!!Ē

So I send an email to Ken.

No answer.

Another email

No answer

Another email

Still no answer

Iím beginning to think itís my breath!!


So I am stuck!

My Kids birthday is in April and I canít buy him the present he wants.


Any suggestions??

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Best regards,



Great forum you have here!
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