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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
That's very interesting to hear. That velocity with .25s would translate to about 370-380 with .20s - about the same as Sepulcrum's is currently firing. I hope mine can settle to the same range. IMO, that's the ideal velocity, and it's the velocity I'm shooting for (no pun intended) with all my longer AEGs.

lol Well, I think there's some validity to using a coke can for testing, but the numbers on Redwolf's guide are WAY off. New numbers would have to be drummed up using Canadian cans, rather than cans from Asia. They're more than likely very different than ours in terms of thickness and possibly material.

If I can get some free time, I'll see if I can throw some coke can numbers together to create a more relevant "poor man's chrony" chart than Redwolf's. My 11 airsoft guns have a wide enough range of velocities that I should be able to at least give a rough idea that can give someone a ballpark figure on how powerful their guns are.
Whats weird is using the Joule calculator, .25s at 360fps rate 1.51 joules, to get that joule with a .2, you need 403fps.

Anyways using the poor man's chrony my 416 will easily put a .2 through the bottom of a coke can....
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