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the internet is at the home of the head of the PG airsoft group, he picked the two of us at the hospital after we were there for 2 hours last night. 9-11 at a damn hospital!

heres the story on the airbags, the car has only been owned by my friend for just less than a year, maybe just over actually. It was a 2002 Ford Focus SE. Before my friend had bought the car off Fords lot, it had been rear ended while the previous owner (who had bought it new) was driving it and set both airbags off. They had reset the airbags or whatever they did, repaired the car, and sold it off their lot.

Its not the fact that we needed the airbags, but they still should have gone off with the drivers side headlight touching the firewall and the dash on my side moving in half an inch.
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